I was so tired this morning that I forgot to put Elisa’s toasted bagel in her lunch box. Instead she got a container of air. Tonight will be much easier because Harriet discovered that Hawaiian music puts puppies into a deep sleep in about twenty seconds. (I’m also knocking on wood right now.)

DSC_0101Really and truly, I could gush. She’s so darn good!

DSC_0094DSC_0095. . . . .


We did figure out after a couple of days that she wasn’t sleeping through the night because she was very hungry by 2am. I watched her lips and paws move in a dream, as if she were nursing during one of the early  restless nights. Now we give her  four meals a day , the last one at about nine pm and she sleeps like a log until 5:30 am or so. Much better. Sleep is good. 

7 thoughts on “puppy!

    1. Luckily I didn’t have to. Harriet read through the name section of our dictionary, made a long list and asked us to vote daily for about two weeks. She basically narrowed the list down to one during that time and was left with Marta.

    1. Well then…she follows us everywhere- just behind and not underfoot; she eats with gusto; when I take her in the barn with me during milking she sits right under my knee and watches quietly even though she is a bit nervous; house breaking has been easy; she loves her crate now and doesn’t fuss if she is alone for a little while- she still loves her naps, also loves her toys; mostly she’s pretty mellow and compliant though she has the air of a confident dog trotting around with her tail high in the air; after two or three days she figured out that if she wants to eat or get a treat she has to sit down. I think I’m describing a wonderpuppy. She seems to like us too.

  1. She sounds lovely! We love her blue eyes and her sweet face. Hopefully, Aurora and I will be able to meet her soon! xoxo

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