Last week we had over two feet of snow  and I said to myself, “We won’t see the ground again until April.”  Yeah.

Over the weekend it was warm. The bees woke up. Going out with bare legs felt fine and in mud up past my ankles I fantasized as I always do  about concrete and gravel. The sheep left their hay bale and went back to grazing further up the hill. Skiing was out of course. The snow was gone which meant Billy could move around again on the tractor. He has been moving the manure we cleaned out of the barn and bringing round bales down off the hill. On the bright side, maybe now the ground will have a chance to freeze before we get snow again.


swollen stream

. . . . .


. . . . .

Doesn’t it seem as if every woman on the planet has a blog? I try not to think about it. Why shouldn’t they? Wait, do men blog too?

Linda, I took Elisa to the eye doctor today and she remembered to ask him if he did ballroom dancing. The answer was YES.

If you were here, having coffee in my kitchen or we were out front, talking through your rolled down car window as I stood in the road, I might tell you about the bald eagle B- spotted last week on our farm being chased by a crow. Or that Harriet’s puppy is constantly changing. She has gone from being sweet and sleepy to wildly entertaining.  I might also tell you that at my piano lesson last Thursday, J. and I both agreed it was finally time to take down our trees and mine is still up.

Mary Ann, I watched Hedgehog this weekend. Did you read that book? I picked the movie without remembering that I had read the book, immediately realized, and enjoyed loving those characters all over again. Thought of you because it is French.  Also started to watch Pina which it was more than I could emotionally bear in one sitting. Did you see Talk to Her?   And do you remember the scene of the dancers and the chairs? That was Pina.

Hope your week is going well.

. . . . .

Going up to take photos of my bed, well before bedtime must be my way of telling you that one week with a puppy was exhausting. A good tired though.


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