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Harriet is in Quebec this weekend for a school trip. Elisa has the schedule and reports throughout the day- “It is 3 o’clock. Harriet is finished with dog sledding and is now watching a hockey game…” This morning while Harriet was visiting the beautiful Ste-Anne de Beaupre Basilica,  we ignored the weather and took a walk in the corn field up on top of our hill. The wind was fierce by our house which is about halfway up. On top, without anything standing in its way, the wind was invigorating. Elisa shouted into the wind, “Marta is having an easier time because she has four legs.” and “Can we be blown away?”

. . . . . 


3 thoughts on “weekend

    1. I think so. She is very easy to please. Regular meals, playing with her toys, running around outside and sleeping on someone’s lap on the couch would be a good life for anyone. And the cold is refreshing. We are used to it and we also wear many many layers.

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