Tuesday was a rough morning for all the reasons a morning is ever rough when kids don’t get to bed on time. I must still be hanging on to some superstitious belief system from the Dark Ages because I caught myself thinking that I could, with a few simple and completely unrelated acts, fix all of our problems. It is a matter of getting the house vacuumed and the dishes washed. And it really doesn’t work. The girls are still tired and grumpy. Do I handle rough patches like a pro now that my floors are clean(er)? Maybe. Today I’m trying the sip-coffee-and-watch-a-TED-talk-cure after a second rough morning. Also Harriet is home from school and in bed which is where she needs to be for the moment. Her trip to Quebec was wonderful though some bus trouble at the end meant they got back late. Once she rests and gets caught up on her school work again we hope to hear all about it.



5 thoughts on “housewifery

  1. I have a strong suspicion that you gave your girls the gift of a good start (what did you think of Colin Powell’s talk?)—-and that you’ve continued giving them that gift. Love the “meanwhile” photo.

    1. I found it amusing. I laughed at the part when he tells of the aunts’ constant supervision and about what his family’s response would have been if he had thought of dropping out of school.
      And I am a big believer and follower in the good start. I hope to God it works because sometimes it feels as if it is all I’ve got in the parenting department. Parenting the teen is much trickier and most (maybe all) of the time I have no idea what I’m doing. But I did read to my babies:) Linda, keep writing those sweet books.

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