I was away for over a week, getting some work done on the house in Maryland. It seemed to mostly involve making phone calls, tracking people down, paying bills, and staying out of the way of my cousin who did the real work. I took my camera, my knitting, my spinning wheel, and only moved them out of my car when we had to make room for the new drywall. I had imagined that on my own, without the responsibility of dishes and dinner, laundry and farm chores, I would have long quiet evenings but in Maryland the days seemed shorter.  It is good to be back. I’m getting settled today, unpacking my bags which had never been opened, looking around, and thinking that I have a very sweet life.


DSC_0089. . . . .

Some things never change and reading in the kitchen is what we do on Sunday.

DSC_0082DSC_0029DSC_0077Happy weekend!

7 thoughts on “weekend

  1. Welcome home. I would read on Sunday in your house if Naomi would let me! She is a “let’s PLAY” kind of Sunday AM person. Exhausting. But if you keep on posting these beautiful photos, we will come visit. And you can kiss your Sunday newspaper good-bye…I love your sweet life! –Wendy

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