Making it to last Friday was an accomplishment. I was secretly relieved when opening night of Elisa’s musical, The Jungle Book, was postponed due to weather. We got some snow (not an amount worth mentioning in these parts), the wind did howl, and we must have gone to bed early or worked late into the night at the desk. I can’t even remember.


The weekend however was nearly perfect. Harriet was ( and is) still sick but sitting in the kitchen surrounded by family was so cheerful she smiled. We had views of snow and the warm afternoon sun, we had snacks on the couch, and a puppy who had a hard time staying calm. Elisa had to be dropped off at school early for her costume and makeup, then  everyone else had a quick supper, or a quick milking, and we left in the dark in two cars headed toward town for the play. Elisa was wonderful. She ended up having a few roles with lines though I think she had memorized everyone else’s lines too and also sang a small solo which was clear and lovely. DSC_0070E as a singing tree, bearing bananas


. . . . .


Saying goodbye is always hard though making it a dramatic one takes some of the strain off.


It was still Sunday.

Elisa went back at school for more makeup and costume changing; we read in the kitchen and waited to go and watch it again.DSC_0056

. . . . .

Now it is Monday and the girls are in school- both of them. Billy is on a tractor moving bales and filling tubs of water for the animals. I have the office work this week to catch up with while I keep an eye on Marta who is going through the difficult phase of obsessive chewing and testing her new sense of stubborn independence. Hmm, isn’t this phase happening a little early? B, if you read this I need baby gates and I need them soon.

Happy Monday everyone.

2 thoughts on “weekend, mostly

  1. Hi, Anna,

    I found wonderful baby gates at Toys R Us. They are white, attach with spring pressure so you don’t have to screw them into the woodwork, and they absolutely cannot be opened by a dog. They have a thumb latch on top which you pull back and then lift the gate.


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