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I came close this week to thinking we were going to have to pull Harriet out of school and have Billy home school her for the rest of the year.  Today, she seemed better and if she didn’t overdo it and still seems better tomorrow, I’m going to breath again and allow myself to think the worst is behind us.

4 thoughts on “weekend

    1. Ha! that is mostly me feeling exasperated by having a sick kid and not knowing how to help her feel better and the added stress of explaining to the school on a daily basis that she was not better and no, I don’t know what she has…
      If I had to guess I’d say she has some virus similar to mono but of course I’m not a doctor. It is so much easier if you can get an illness that has a name ( with a few exceptions of course!) She seems to be on the mend, slowly but surely. Now there is a mountain of homework to catch up. God love her!

      1. Go, Harriet! Remember Robert Louis Stevenson (they still aren’t sure what he had–he was sick for most of his childhood). At least Harriet has a lovely home in which to recover. Get well soon! I was also startled at the lack of sympathy from the school authorities, after a short time, for illness or injury. School nurse was upset that Naomi was monopolizing the wheelchair. –Wendy in Washington

  1. Thank you Wendy. And the story about N and the wheel chair kills me. I find one of the perks of getting older (which I am loving) is feeling absolutely fine about sticking up for myself. Mostly I let the girls handle situations on their own now that they are older but when they get sick it is a whole different story. Harriet reports that at least one of her teachers thinks I’m nuts. Ha!
    Her school nurse was so nice and it made a huge difference. Kindness works.
    PS. A package arrived!!! Oh my goodness:)

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