DSC_0055I’m not quite ready for it to be the last day of February. I guess I thought I’d have more done; of course along the way the list grew. This afternoon I needed to stand up after spending too long looking at the computer screen (seeds and  potatoes are ordered though) and take a small break from work to make this cake. Harriet went to school today and made it through the day! Before she went up for a nap we each ate a hot slice, standing next to the oven. It is our favorite.

. . . . .


4 thoughts on “inside/outside

  1. Wonderful photos.
    So glad that Harriet went back to school!
    p.s. I just printed out the recipe–thank you.

    1. About H, it was a trial run and it didn’t work, unfortunately.
      And I hope you like the recipe! Let me know… I use almond flour from Honeyville farm which I have to order. And a friend just gave me a bottle of Orlando vanilla from Mexico and it is beyond amazing. Without these two ingredients the cake is still very good but they are worth getting at some point.

  2. Hi Anna! please update me on the details of your visit next week! I am so looking forward to seeing you. As it turns out Jim will be on a school spring break trip to Arizona. He is hoping that your paths will cross on his return on the 23rd?….maybe? If I can, I’ll be happy to pick you up from the airport….just let me know when and where and I’ll get back to you. Is Harriet feeling any better? sending love to all! xxx

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    1. Thanks Berta, I would love to be picked up. I’ll send you an email with the details. Warning though: I haven’t seen sunlight in weeks. I’m going to be as blind as a bat when I step outside. oxoxoxo

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