All days can’t be good ones and this was not my favorite. Harriet is still sick and I realized today at the doctor’s office that we’ve hit a wall. We will have to make some  decisions soon. Not tonight though. The good thing is that even though she is feeling pretty awful, whatever she has doesn’t appear to be life threatening. I’m not worried about that. We are certain that with time this thing will pass, only we don’t know how much time. How’s that for being vague? Welcome to my world.

. . . . .

10 Things

1.Get Well cards came in the mail for Harriet, especially lovely ones, from friends we miss.


2. Chris Fesko sent Billy the nicest note in the world thanking him for telling her a story at the Farm Show recently. She is the real deal.

3. The newest issue of Taproot arrived. I feel better knowing it is in the house.

4. Elisa designed impressive business cards for the farm, they arrived, and I love them. (By the way, 1-4 all came in the mail on the same day. Can you imagine a better mail day?)

5. Elisa also sang in a big concert this weekend. Afterwards I confessed to her that I got a little teary-eyed and she said, “Yeah, the conductor told us some people would probably cry.” Thank you to the conductor for getting it.



6. One of my favorite photographers/writers Chelsea Slaven of lady i swear by all flowers,  a woman who takes seriously beautiful photos, made a comment on my blog!

7. Remember when the girls and I were stranded on the side of the road last year with a dead cell phone for more hours than I care to remember and how no one stopped to help us, and how we swore we would always stop for people from now on? This weekend I passed a car with its blinkers flashing on the highway so I got off at the next exit and turned around and drove back to them. They fumbled in the car moving things around when I pulled up behind them so I gave them a minute. Inside were two young gangsters and an adorable pit bull. I offered them my cell if they needed  it and they said they were fine now and smiled and said, “God bless you.” That felt good.

8. W. L. and co. sent us a care package from Maryland (including a get well note for Harriet which made her smile). So nice. There were no duds in the box. Our list of “things we can’t live without” has gotten a bit longer. What a find! Thank you.

9. We had a particularly sweet seven-year old stay with us for the weekend and on the drive to Elisa’s  concert, she told us about her great grandma “who is practically 100 years old and still looks great. She looks like she’s 80.”  In a dreamy voice that made me conjure up a family gathered at the house near the ocean, she said how much she loved her great grandma because she was so nice and in the next breath laughed and told us that if she or her brother had bad manners at the table Meemaw would hit them with a wooden spoon or with her bony elbows. At the thought of bony elbows she laughed some more.

I don’t know why I love this  but I do.

10.babies ( ones in the barn, one with rolls, and this weekend,  one named Beatrice)DSC_0048DSC01289

6 thoughts on “ten things

  1. Love the teary-eyed photo and those wonderful cards for Harriet … and hearing about the seven-year-old–and … let’s face it, your life is jam-packed.

  2. I come to you through Mary Ann — and I love what I’ve read here. Where in the Finger Lakes are you? We have spent quite a bit of time near Lake Keuka…now I have to read further and figure out who is how. What fun.

  3. So glad the package arrived (#8), amidst many good wishes to Harriet, continued good health to Elisa, you and Billy and the puppy. Didn’t realize it took so long to get Maryland Delivered! I sometimes wish I could get DC delivered to us in Maryland, but shudder to think what would be inside the package…
    Stay well and keep writing and photographing your lovely life.

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