The snow plow came down our road this morning at 4:51am. Remember when I loved the snow? I can’t either. We are all a bit stir crazy, a bit grumpy, and I have to keep reminding myself that I had a break from this weather and it was  just last week!

The red wing blackbirds are back; the ground hogs and raccoons are awake, running across  bare fields or up tree trunks to empty branches. It can’t won’t be much longer. Today a friend and I loaded two vehicles with warmly dressed girls, turned the heat on high, and drove them up to the science museum in the city.

virtual basketball

a little virtual basketball and the color green(!)a toothpick artist builds while the kids watchWatching the toothpick artist build- toothpick engineer (ahem). Amazing. Notice the toothpick tattoo.

(ahem) toothpick engineer- amazing

DSC_0088happy and bewildered

climbing wall

. . . . .

We came home to a barn full of lambs that had been born while we were gone. There were so many I couldn’t always tell who belonged to who but they all seemed fed and healthy so I collected eggs after I watched them a bit and decided they could sort themselves out on their own. Spring, spring, spring.

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