While I was being driven around in L. A. a couple of weeks ago B called my cell phone to say she was standing in Tractor Supply and did I want ducklings?

Of course.

. . . . .

Today the sun came out and the ground stayed frozen stiff.  Unlike yesterday,  I could walk without stopping to balance on one foot, while  a socked foot was held high, to lean back and pull a boot from the mud. Mobility and sunshine were all we needed after all. B and the kids brought over the ducklings which were outgrowing the box at her house. They were settled in the downstairs shower where they can make a mess with the water until they have enough feathers to live outside, we gave a bottle of milk to a lamb that is in our kitchen (that’s another story), and then we all headed outside to have a picnic up the hill where Billy stores wrapped round bales, otherwise known as Marshmallow Kingdom.


hardboiled eggs, dyed from Easter

ham, also from Easter

1 jar of pickles

coconut cake

cheddar cheese

ginger chews

chocolate pudding



and a few other things

. . . . .




3 thoughts on “picnic

  1. The most beautiful winter picnic ever…How come no one ever calls and offers ME baby ducklings? Naomi would LOVE them and I think our apartment building allows them. Obviously, I have to get the word out about our need for ducklings. And picnics on hay bales in the snow. –Wendy in Washington

    1. I’ll let you know how it goes with the ducks, as pets. I got them to weed my garden this year and apparently they also love slugs. I can tell you right now that they are passionate about water. These are Cambells- great egg layers. I may be calling you about whether you want ducklings in the near future.

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