DSC_0045Elisa and I are in Maryland. She had to attend an event at the Maryland Lamb and Wool Festival over the weekend. And on Monday we visited a private school here, just to see. And Elisa saw that she loved it. I am getting a few things done on the house before we head back.  Here, the lilacs are in bloom and the pink azaleas but here, Billy and Harriet are not. Our best decision of the day is that we will need to fill a five gallon bucket with flowers to take back.

five gallon bucket

5 thoughts on “out and about

    1. Hi Linda, Just a quick hi before I head out to milk. I need an end in sight so I that know soon I’ll be able to tell you all that’s been going on here, but I can’t find one yet. All is well but work is intense. I’m tired too. After milking I’ll be going to bed but hopefully tomorrow….oxoxoxo

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