I’ve ditched my life for work or maybe, my life is work. I’d like to catch those bits that seem to have slipped away but that takes time. I’m going to start with the intention to get here everyday to write one sentence and this is three sentences so I’m doing well and may even have to take a day off tomorrow. How are things with you?


3 thoughts on “hello. we are alive and well. and

  1. So good to “hear” from you and see the beautiful duck. Work can consume so much of one’s day and thus too much of one’s life. At least that’s the case with me. I love your writing goals–so manageable and yet, when you do NOT achieve them, so insurrmountable (sp?) I will try to write for 15 minutes today. Not easy here, either, but I’ll try to let you and the duck inspire me. Happy 90 degree day, with fierce thunderstorms predicted. Naomi loves them. I just want to go swimming…–Wendy

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