DSC_0001-2 DSC_0002It’s just not your day. nuh -uh.

You know, getting run over by a truck isn’t fun. You get squashed and you break your bones.



(notice the tire tracks on second bunny- brilliant.)

. . . . .

We are the luckiest people on the planet. Harriet was in an accident here on our farm  and  I am thrilled and grateful that I get to say, “She is going to be fine. She is actually doing great.” It just wasn’t her day.

5 thoughts on “best card ever

  1. Harriet, we are all thinking of you and knowing that you will emerge stronger from this than ever before. One step and one rib at a time. I’m so sorry this happened to you–and yet so grateful that it is not worse. Please rest and sleep and enjoy your beautiful home and family. Sending love and prayers from DC, where my dad was in a car accident and ended up with 10 broken or fractured ribs and a broken clavicle. He’s 82, though, so you should be up and about before him. Love and healing, Wendy, Barry and Naomi

  2. I guess it wasn’t Arny’s day either! 10 fractured ribs….2 bruised ribs….smashed collarbone and one squooched car!
    love to you, dear Harriet from George Washington Univ. Hospital

    1. Sandy, we got the awful news from Eric. Unreal. Are you doing okay? What can we do to help? Give Arny our love and I’ll give Harriet your message in the morning.

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