DSC_0002It just occurred to me that today it has been a month since Harriet’s accident. In the middle of the night I woke in a panic and couldn’t fall back asleep. A night of sweating miserably made for a difficult work day but now that it’s over I mostly feel relief, to be back in my body with its familiar aches and pains. We have a nice weekend planned and I intend to enjoy it in my own slow way. The girls are doing great!

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  1. Dear Anna, Billy and Harriet and Elise, Arny is in rehab and doing very well (pain pills are magic). It’s hard to imagine:10 broken and 2 bruised ribs, broken collarbone, ….but surgery helped the left lung re-inflate! We are lucky….and we feel very lucky that Harriet is well and enjoying life. All good thoughts are appreciated! love, sandy

      1. We will welcome you in Bethesda! And our building has a swimming pool! –Wendy, Barry and Naomi

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