DSC_0058my old home, Baltimore.

Despite the heat we headed south. I wanted Andere to see D.C. before she leaves to go back to Spain. That date is soon and we are trying not to think about it- we are going to miss her A LOT! It was the world’s fastest trip but I think we made the most of it.

. . . . .

Also in Maryland we did a little of this…


3 thoughts on “road trip

  1. Hope the nation’s capital didn’t disappoint, and that you didn’t have to wait forever to see the Big Stinky Flower!
    Someday we could meet up at the Gaithersburg Water Park (newly renovated). –Wendy and Naomi

    1. Andere was impressed by how nice everyone was (I had to keep asking for directions) and we didn’t wait in line for the flower. Andere had to use the bathroom and a guard let us in the back door and led us right past the flower, which was pretty amazing by the way and would have been worth the wait and the trip down. Big crowds though and I didn’t notice an odor. When we were leaving in the evening and passed your parents’ street, I waved hello. Next time I’ll have H & E with me when both are walking; we’ll be back and will take you up on your pool invitation. Love the good news about your dad!

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