Monday is my day off. At least that’s what I tell myself. My list includes clean sheets, clean out the chicken coop, make a batch of pesto, pick more raspberries, pay bills, clean the bathroom. I don’t know. Probably a few more things. We’ll see how it goes.

I found this alternate list on my computer this morning.

  • eat swiss cheese
  • buy a new car that is either gold, hot pink, or turquoise
  • read a funny story
  • make Harriet food
  • laugh at someone really loudly and point
  • go to the park and talk to birds
  • show up at the library and scream
  • write a love letter to a bowl of cereal
  • if you need to write something for your blog get real emotional so Elisa makes you a cool card and then post the card
  • walk up to a stranger and tell them….
  • give Harriet $1,000,000 in nickels
  • make Elisa ACTUALLY clean her room
  • eat a pickle

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