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I seem to know by intuition a great deal that I cannot find words for, and to enlarge the field of my intuition every time I fail again to find these words. That is to say, the unnamed is overwhelmingly present and real for me. And this is truer because the moment it stops being a standard for what I do say is the moment my language goes slack and my imagination disengages itself. I would almost say it is the moment in which my language  becomes false. The frontiers of the unsayable, and the avenues of approach to those frontiers, have been opened for me by every book I have ever read that was in any degree ambitious, earnest, or imaginative; by every good teacher I have had; by music and painting; by conversation that was in any way interesting, even conversation overheard as it passed between strangers.

~Marilynne Robinson


7 thoughts on “inside outside

  1. Nope- food for me. Venison sausage made by an old-time butcher in PA. It’s good- a tiny bit sweet like Lebanon bologne. We had a wind storm last night that beat against the house and the internet speed was worse than dial up so photo captions were out.

    1. It is an interesting book but I read it in small doses so I started Goldfinch last night too. Thanks about the photos. Hope you are feeling better after another day of resting and reading.

  2. Very stimulating passage that is richer with every reading.

    Like your range of photos from B&W to color.

    I’m absolutely convinced though that the first photograph is the head covering of Mal’ta Boy who’s was buried 24,000 years ago in Siberia.


    1. Hi Terry, I think you’d really like this book.
      And about the first photo ha!:) I do store it in a refrigerator but even so, pulling back the hand-sewn (!) cheese cloth before slicing, is stepping into another century. It is the rough sewn seam that gets me every time because I can see the butcher’s hands working and see the thick curved needle and linen thread in my mind. I may like the packaging more than the meat, though that is probably terrible to say. It definitely isn’t as good as those chocolate cookie extravaganzas you sent this summer.

  3. Hi Anna, Those chocolates were mailed in like 110 degree heat so hopefully they weren’t a GLOB when you opened the box. Marilynne Robinson? I googled her & saw this book, “Housekeeping,” and I thought back to 1987-Charles Theater, Baltimore, and sure enough she wrote the novel, and endorsed the movie fully on a YouTube interview. The movie blew me away when I first saw it. Her interviews on YouTube are very, very rewarding too. Have you read “Gilead” or “Home?” When will you post some photos of a Tully SUNRISE? (:-)


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