Last year was a hard one.

A few things went right:

  • I took a photography course, took a few photos that turned out well, and studied lots of other people’s photos that are incredible
  • In March there was my trip to California and I have the clear memories of the sunshine, the visits with family and friends, a long walk in San Francisco, and seeing The Girl with a Pearl Earring
  • There was also an avalanche of catastrophes and I’m happy to report that we hung in there (with lots of help) though honestly we may still be a bit shelled shocked
  • I started an online Farmers’ Market
  • Andere came and we love her
  • Two puppies in one year!
  • I read a few good books, many of which I read on a kindle
  • We are a stronger family than we were a year ago.

Today was a good start at putting last year to rest. Considering what time we went to bed the night before we woke up early. There was a bright sun this morning and it was blinding as it reflected off the ice that covers our hill. We cleaned up the kitchen listening to Adele and played a board game. I went out in the afternoon to pick up a few things we needed and made a trip to the laundry mat to wash the huge comforters. I found lobster on sale, circled the store, abandoned my original plan for supper and came back for the lobster. All of our leftover chocolate from Christmas was thrown in the fondue pot. I made my grandmother’s crab dip baked with sliced almonds on top.

One good day. I hope we are all given 364 more. Thank you for being here and Happy New Year.


3 thoughts on “2014

  1. And you kept us all a part of your online family, for which I am so grateful. May 2014 keep you all in good health, and bring peace and prosperity! With appreciation, Wendy & Co. in Bethesda

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