imageimageimageimage imageIf we had gone by Waterloo wagon we would still be traveling of course. When the weather was good I’ve learned that 30 miles was reasonable in a day. It took Thomas Jefferson 4 days to get from Monticello to D.C.  I thought of this as I zipped down the highway and again while we sat in endless traffic in Fairfax. I left our farm yesterday morning, stop in Maryland to pick up the girls, and drove the rest of the way to Charlottesville. It is ridiculous how happy we are here. The color green is still new to our eyes. Our bare legs are out in the sunshine. Thomas Jefferson gave up political work, we learned during the house tour, because it was too hard to leave this place and I could nod with understanding.


6 thoughts on “Get Away

  1. Wowser! You live a sweet life! As hard as it is at least from my vantage point it looks good! Thanks for sharing and inspiring xxx

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  2. Monticello is one of my favorite places on earth. Colonial Williamsburg has sheep, though. I hear you about the snow, wind and cold. Naomi tried on all her sleeveless tops and asked, “Will I ever get to wear these again?” Maybe this weekend. Snow or no, I envy your independence! Not chained to a desk.

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