imageSometimes a person (meaning me) needs a friendly nudge. Thanks m.a.

I’m still here, only here is new. The girls and I are in Maryland with the dogs, the birds, and our new cat. Billy is in New York with the sheep, cows, pigs, and our old cat. We are here for school and they are happy so we are happy. I’m focused on getting everyone settled and on getting the house in good shape before winter, just because, that’s what I do. Billy is in New York doing the same thing except his work includes making hay and nonstop vehicle repairs. And taking care of the animals. His list is probably a little longer than this.

Also I walk- everyday, at least once. My camera is sealed in plastic, waiting until the dust settles. Our old floors have been sanded smooth again. In the meantime I have my phone camera. Sometimes the girls come with me on these walks. It’s all good. Next week, I  resume painting.


4 thoughts on “Keeping up, every day

  1. So good to “hear” from you, Anna. I’ve missed knowing what you and yours are up to, both old and new. Good luck to the girls at school, and to Billy with the old cat–and to you, too. Don’t know if DC is on your list, but I hear the Wyeth exhibit is wonderful. His art reminds me of yours. No need to rush–it’s there/here through November. Perhaps we could go together?

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