DSC_0414The temperature dropped after a few mild days and so now (of course) with high wind and a negative windchill, the last ewes are lambing. I’m heading back out there.

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  1. Not at all the same thing, but I’m recess mom today. It’s freezing out and my earmuffs broke (who knew earmuffs could break?) I’ll be thinking of you, bringing new life into the world in the bitter cold, as I negotiate, “It was my TURN and he didn’t let me have my TURN!” and ye olde, “They’re not SHARING.” Enjoy, Wendy

    1. Dear Wendy, not the same thing! My day is so much easier. I’m a big fan of the scarf wrapped around the head (mummy-like) and my girls have informed me it is not stylish. Ha!

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