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Hi, Anna,

I’m having my thirteen 6th Graders for a Sheep Supper on Friday so that they can see the lambs. I figured that, depending on the weather, we would spend about 45 minutes (probably 4:35 to 5:20 at most) outside with the sheep. I wondered if you have any interest in 1) having them help you feed 2) talking to them about these sheep and lambs. You can give them the many particulars about raising sheep. It’s no big deal if you have other plans; I just thought they would benefit from a little sheep education!

I’d invite you three for dinner, too, but I have the table set in the library and don’t want to redo it. I can’t fit 17 people in there, anyway.

Let me know. And if you haven’t seen The Imitation Game (5:10 at Regal), you three should go see it. It is just fabulous.


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  1. You came back!!! I hope you are well now. I love the indoor/outdoor photos–I always do. The sheep are so beautiful. But nothing compares to that cake a few posts back. x’s & o’s

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