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  1. Anna. It has been so long! Nevertheless I clicked on every one just now and felt confirmed and really exhilarated to know you. I would like to talk about every item above. Sarah Waters – never read her. You recommend? I read the Junot Diaz stories when they came out and had some strong thoughts/feelings about them (after loving Oscar Wao). Also read OS’s piece on dying and found it so very direct and true. Etc! I feel I have such a small amount of energy and motivation available these days for books and music and movies and cooking – all the things I like – so it seems miraculous that my experience touches yours somehow in these arenas. On my end: reading The Trumpet of the Swan with Gabriel and loving it so much, reading a lot of George and Martha with Bea, reading the Incorrigibles over Frances’s shoulder, reading Anna Karenina for the second time before bed. Listening to Pandora on the Goldberg Variations station while I make dinner, listening to nonstop Beatles with the kids. Maybe taking up knitting. Anna, what else is new with you?

  2. Hi Meagan, I do recommend Sarah Waters, though i just read the one. The Little Strangers is next on my list. These days I mostly listen to books instead of reading them. Your list sounds pretty great too, by the way.
    I’m not sure yet what else is new because besides work (raising sheep) and running a market, a bit, and running the girls around, a lot, my whole life has been Lego League and I’ve put most of everything on hold until it was over, which officially started today. The weather was miserable, wasn’t it? I did as little as possible. In the afternoon I watched Ida, and it is beautifully filmed but I thought the ending was a let down. Worth watching though, just for the photography.
    We had a funeral last week and the good feelings from going to the really wonderful service for him haven’t worn off yet. You know how that is? I can’t believe he is gone and it doesn’t feel as if he is. What a gift!
    I do love Goldberg Variations but I’ve been in more of a Mary Jo Blige mood lately or listening to Dylan’s Desire album. Hurry up and get to Lancaster which is so close. Beatrice can’t be two and will F & G even remember me? Now that we are here, I’ll have to talk to your mom about the Shakespeare camp for Elisa… ox’s

  3. Anna, wait. Wait wait wait. Are you in Lancaster??? For a long time? Tell me more! I did not know there was a Lancaster connection happening right now. Maybe it’s time for a proper email. Though I kind of like doing it this way, too. (Ida: I saw it, with high hopes, and was SO irritated by the ending. It actually made me mad, I felt a little jerked around and like the filmmakers had taken advantage of me. That said it was beautiful and that actress was so lovely to watch.) Mary Jo Blige sounds perfect right. The whole world is covered in ice where we are, it is just gorgeous (and forbidding). xxoo

    1. My whole world is covered in ice too. We are in Maryland! The girls wanted to go to high school here. I’ll send an email soon but give me a couple of days because my awful cough is back.

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