DSC_0038DSC_0042DSC_0046DSC_0028A fine spring day.

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Another day

new clippings

Baltimore, Thursday. April 30, 1896


Miss Margaret Biays, daughter of Mr. George Biays, was married last night to Mr. Charles E. Howard, son of Mr. R. M. Howard, of My lady’s Manor, Baltimore County.

The ceremony was performed at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. James Lawson, 1200 McCulloh street, by Rev. Charles A. Jessup, assistant at old St. Paul’s Protestant Episcopal Church. The bride wore a gown of Dresden silk, trimmed with point lace, and carried Marechal Neil roses. She was attended by Misses Emily Quinlan, of Baltimore County, and Margaret Malon. The groom was attended by Messrs. Tolley Biays, brother of the bride, and Charles Quinlan.

A reception followed, after which the couple left for their future home at My Lady’s Manor.

Need a name for a race horse? How about Marechal Rose? 

* * * * *

excerpt from Historic Graves of Maryland and the District of Columbia


Helen W. Ridgely


“My Lady’s Manor,” a term still used by the farmers of the locality, was a tract of 10,000 acres given by Charles, Lord Baltimore, in the year 1713 to his wife Margaret. At her death in 1731, it passed to his granddaughter, whose husband’s debts were the ultimate cause of its disintegration. This was before the division of Baltimore county. The settlers of kindred blood came pouring in and when the separation occurred, a part of “My Lady’s Manor” lay on one side of the border and the rest on the other. (107)

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