Harper’s Ferry, WVDSC_0021DSC_0023


When the train passed, the males in our group all stopped and counted the cars. Who knew that was a thing? DSC_0032DSC_0004

* * * * *



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Weverton Cliff


On the way up, we passed a hiker who asked me if we were, like, a school trip? and I said “yeah, lucky kids, huh?” He had looked stern when he passed but I heard him smiling when called back to me, “I wish I had had school in the woods.”

* * * * *



When the kids thought back to their best (or fond, if it was hard to chose) memory at Friends, they all remembered a particular field trip. They get one every month, every year. Lucky kids.

4 thoughts on “field trip

    1. Hi mas, Was it a good read? Harper’s Ferry is unbelievably beautiful thanks to FDR. What we learned while we were there was that John Brown did change history. The day he attacked set everything else into motion and is considered by historians to be the first day of the Civil War. I could spend more time there, easily.

  1. The photos are stunning, Anna. And I read half of the Good Lord Bird and really loved it; then I had to return it to the library and got distracted and have not yet finished it. But seeing this reminds me to put it on hold again!

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