DSC_0049-2Our girl graduated from eighth grade at Friends School of Harford. There was a beautiful, heart-felt ceremony this morning in Darlington at the same Meetinghouse where we were married. We are feeling proud and have so much love for the whole class.

And now, let summer begin.


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  1. I’m always amazed by the cycles of life, and how wholesome your images can be. How much longer will you be in Maryland?


      1. Yes, Popi’s is a memory, but your culinary recall is amazing! Will you & yours be in Maryland this coming weekend?

    1. I was just talking about that with the head of school. This graduation was more child-centered than any others I’ve attended. Instead of having a long speech by an inspirational adult, who gives the kids advice for the future (yawn) every graduate spoke about their own experience. Later, in part because it was a small school, anyone there who wanted to stand up and say something from their heart could do so. Elisa’s class also asked two of their teachers to be the speakers and both were very well done. All in all, super nice experience. They did a little bit of silly looking walking as they left the Meetinghouse but I guess that was comic relief.

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