Cast of Characters: Vamma, Vampa, Elisa in sunglasses, Jack/Lucy, Harriet, and Madre

by phone, in order of appearance: Billy, Gloria, Michael, Louie, Oscar, Emily, and Brendan

Scenes: 1. pancake party @ Brooms Bloom, 7am  with THE DALLAMS ❤️*  2. Meeting in Darlington  3.Longwood Gardens 3.5.  Starbucks,  getting  free drink** 4. dinner of crab cakes*** and fries, and lastly, 5. on the farm, doing a few chores, with lemon ice cream**** cone in one hand, fields full of fire flies.

* for the record, pancakes were Swedish style, aka my favorite, with real maple syrup.

**the Flat White is pretty delicious.

***oysters are not in season:(

****seriously spoiled

image* * * * *



icing on the cake

4 thoughts on “In Review

  1. I do believe this is the best and most interesting art work along with one of the greatest set of photos that has ever come my way on gmail. Happy birthday, Anna It was so nice meeting up at IKEA swedish pancakes are phenomenal (back in the day you could get them at Ikea–maybe you still can. all for a dollar or so) Jack/Lucy is so very cute !!! So far this summer I’ve seen a total of 5 fireflies. Where are they; what happened? Japanese noodles await us!

  2. I loved each photo and Wendy is correct – a GREAT set to cheer me this morning. And happy, happy!

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