Our first morning home after the fair. Sleep is good.

Elisa and her cousins are cleaning the last of the pig pens. Harriet has library books due back today. We are craving vegetables. Other than starting on the laundry, feeding the sheep, watering our garden, checking the bees, taking the dogs for a run, slowly putting the our house back into order, watching episode #7 of Poldark, and emptying out the car, we have absolutely nothing on the schedule today.

Fair week was exhausting and wonderful. We have bigger plans for next year and a whole year to get ready.



6 thoughts on “exhale

      1. I’ll find out later this month! It’s like a big amusement park with lots of animals and city kids begging their parents to buy a duck/goat/baby bunny to live with them in a small apartment. Oh, and lots of cotton candy.

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