2 thoughts on “Flock for Sale

    1. In January my friend’s flock of Katahdins came to me while he traveled abroad and in exchange I got to keep the lambs born here this winter. I’ve known these ewe lambs since they were minutes old and they have turned out very well, if I do say so. Though hardly lambs anymore, actually. Nearly full grown and ready to breed this fall.
      The story is that wool sheep and hair sheep shouldn’t be run together in the same field because the hairs inevitably gets mixed in with the wool and spinners really don’t care for that. I’m going to miss these girls (they are sweet!) but I’m sticking with my Dorsets, Tunis, Hampshires and Texels. Is that a story or just business?
      In exchange for selling off some lambs I’ll pay bills/make repairs and then the process starts all over again.

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