DSC_0497DSC_0409DSC_0414DSC_0433DSC_0444DSC_0428DSC_0429DSC_0430DSC_0521Except for the last photo these were all taken at Naulakha, the most heavenly place for a vacation if what you need is quiet afternoon naps, long baths, and lemonade on the porch. The last is still in Vermont but further north on top of Mt. Philo looking toward the mountains in New York. Oh, and that one photo in the middle: my people being themselves at the 4th of July paradeĀ in Brattleboro.

6 thoughts on “summer

  1. Beautiful place. Almost heaven (no offense, West Virginia). I love the Statue of Liberty costume–beautiful, dignified, and looks cool in the summer.

  2. Wonderful, especially that visually tactile screen door-frayed, functional & illustrative! Terry

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