down to three




We are down to three. One daughter has started classes at college this week and the other is anxiously awaiting her return in a few more days. I was working outside alone most of the day and came into a quiet kitchen. I had better get used to it. My husband spread lime at a dairy farm up the road and my older daughter was upstairs packing. Even the fridge looked a bit bare when I tried to put together something for supper. I made cauliflower and cod covered with breadcrumbs and it looked so pale on the plate against a white tablecloth, I went out the side door to cut parsley growing in a retired coal bucket that has a hole in the bottom, chopped the leaves roughly, and threw handfuls over our dinner.
We three sat together in the kitchen and ate and talked a little between bites and then my husband left to spread more lime until dark. I took Alfie out to check the lambs and to close the barn doors. We have rain coming with possible storms continuing into tomorrow. Pigeons were already roosting in the top of the barn though I scared them off when I took a step through the door. I suspect they will keep returning until the end of time.
Alfie hopped in the back door of  the truck and sat on top of a bag of seed. He doesn’t like to ride in a vehicle but not as much as he dislikes being apart from me. I drove up the hill with the fence tester to check the voltage. It wasn’t good so we’ll have to walk the fence line and see where it is getting shorted out before I move the sheep to the new pasture. Then the brightest red fox trotted by and I forgot about the fence. I watched her pass without a care, heading further up the farm drive at a casual pace. She stopped along the way, sat on her hunches and leaned her head back to look up at a bird flying straight into the wind. Alfie’s nose was pointed in the fox’s direction but we too were braced against the wind. (8/27/19)