Our first morning home after the fair. Sleep is good.

Elisa and her cousins are cleaning the last of the pig pens. Harriet has library books due back today. We are craving vegetables. Other than starting on the laundry, feeding the sheep, watering our garden, checking the bees, taking the dogs for a run, slowly putting the our house back into order, watching episode #7 of Poldark, and emptying out the car, we have absolutely nothing on the schedule today.

Fair week was exhausting and wonderful. We have bigger plans for next year and a whole year to get ready.



In Review

Cast of Characters: Vamma, Vampa, Elisa in sunglasses, Jack/Lucy, Harriet, and Madre

by phone, in order of appearance: Billy, Gloria, Michael, Louie, Oscar, Emily, and Brendan

Scenes: 1. pancake party @ Brooms Bloom, 7am  with THE DALLAMS ❤️*  2. Meeting in Darlington  3.Longwood Gardens 3.5.  Starbucks,  getting  free drink** 4. dinner of crab cakes*** and fries, and lastly, 5. on the farm, doing a few chores, with lemon ice cream**** cone in one hand, fields full of fire flies.

* for the record, pancakes were Swedish style, aka my favorite, with real maple syrup.

**the Flat White is pretty delicious.

***oysters are not in season:(

****seriously spoiled

image* * * * *



icing on the cake

DSC_0049-2Our girl graduated from eighth grade at Friends School of Harford. There was a beautiful, heart-felt ceremony this morning in Darlington at the same Meetinghouse where we were married. We are feeling proud and have so much love for the whole class.

And now, let summer begin.


field trip

Harper’s Ferry, WVDSC_0021DSC_0023


When the train passed, the males in our group all stopped and counted the cars. Who knew that was a thing? DSC_0032DSC_0004

* * * * *



* * * * *

Weverton Cliff


On the way up, we passed a hiker who asked me if we were, like, a school trip? and I said “yeah, lucky kids, huh?” He had looked stern when he passed but I heard him smiling when called back to me, “I wish I had had school in the woods.”

* * * * *



When the kids thought back to their best (or fond, if it was hard to chose) memory at Friends, they all remembered a particular field trip. They get one every month, every year. Lucky kids.


St Andrew’s boat house


finish line
finish line

In the morning I did a load of laundry and hung it out on the line. I clean the aquarium, watered the pots outside, cleaned out the car a little, swept dog hair out of the basement and mopped. Then, after lunch I drove to Delaware to pick my niece up from school and was reminded that I really want to be out on the water sculling again. Harriet is my coxswain and I can hear her saying to me, “What are you doing with your life?”