late summer

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* * * * *DSC_0086DSC_0083DSC_0087The Old Farmer’s Almanac is predicting that this winter will be a repeat of the last for us. After a very wet summer, we are now waiting for the other shoe to drop. We have gotten in enough hay to get through winter. Things have just dried out enough to get into the barn to clean and our sheep shelter has been dragged to a drier location. Thanks to the rain we still do have lush pasture late in the season. The tomatoes are still coming and we have harvested enough garlic that I can make Chicken with 40 Cloves on a weekly basis. But we still have not shorn all of the sheep (they must be dry to shear) and we still do not have all of the firewood split. It may be summer but my mind is on what’s to come. These photos are for me to savor later, mid February, when I’m missing the color green.


Our first morning home after the fair. Sleep is good.

Elisa and her cousins are cleaning the last of the pig pens. Harriet has library books due back today. We are craving vegetables. Other than starting on the laundry, feeding the sheep, watering our garden, checking the bees, taking the dogs for a run, slowly putting the our house back into order, watching episode #7 of Poldark, and emptying out the car, we have absolutely nothing on the schedule today.

Fair week was exhausting and wonderful. We have bigger plans for next year and a whole year to get ready.



In Review

Cast of Characters: Vamma, Vampa, Elisa in sunglasses, Jack/Lucy, Harriet, and Madre

by phone, in order of appearance: Billy, Gloria, Michael, Louie, Oscar, Emily, and Brendan

Scenes: 1. pancake party @ Brooms Bloom, 7am  with THE DALLAMS ❤️*  2. Meeting in Darlington  3.Longwood Gardens 3.5.  Starbucks,  getting  free drink** 4. dinner of crab cakes*** and fries, and lastly, 5. on the farm, doing a few chores, with lemon ice cream**** cone in one hand, fields full of fire flies.

* for the record, pancakes were Swedish style, aka my favorite, with real maple syrup.

**the Flat White is pretty delicious.

***oysters are not in season:(

****seriously spoiled

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icing on the cake