sad bread

There are moments when I do miss gluten.

We waited in a long line yesterday at the french bakery to get breakfast for my mother’s birthday.

Worth the wait, my family said, afterwards.

This morning we  have passed the computer around, looking at the photo below and laughing at the creepiness of having someone’s head reflected on a loaf of bread so perfectly.
And if it not a reflection, it is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen. 

at the risk of sounding redundant

On the menu this week…

goat cheese with garlic scapes

potato salad with dill pickles, mayo, dijon mustard, hard boiled eggs, and garlic scapes

quinoa with feta cheese, toasted pine nuts, cranberries, and garlic scapes

steak dotted with garlic scape butter

roasted sweet potato without garlic scapes

tomato salad with chive vinegar and basil and a few chopped garlic scapes

Tuesday, June 28

Coffee is one of my great pleasures in this life.  When I was pregnant, very early on, I was at a  brunch with friends and family. The waiter asked if I wanted coffee and I declined; silence fell over the table and everyone turned to look at me. That is how the news was broken. After all these years, how it is that I am just learning about the cold-brewed method? Last night after supper, I put a heaping cup of ground coffee in jar, with a teaspoon of cinnamon and three tablespoons of brown sugar, and filled the rest with water. This recipe got good reviews – I have to say the word “heaven” comes to mind.

The other jars on my counter are my water kefir beverages, at their various stages of fermentation. The one on the far right is filled with kefir grains bubbling away. I make mine with ginger root and lemon or sometimes vanilla extract. Both are good though not on the same level as coffee. I give the kefir grains credit when I’m surrounded by sick kids and am the only one still standing (knock on wood).