After all that rain the sun came out today and we left the house to sit under the trees and then to move slowly through the garden. We had a full house. My brother Michael and Gloria brought up my parents who just flew in from California. Gloria told us a story about their flight to Spain for her brother’s wedding and about being bumped up to first class. She has determined that perhaps Michael does not actually get motion sickness. After champagne and a multiple course dinner (Gloria chose the cod, while Michael had the braised short ribs) they lay flat under hand stitched quilts and had to stretch across the space between their chairs/beds just to have their fingers tip touch. Before the six hour flight was over, breakfast was served as well. Michael didn’t miss a meal and flew without illness. After all this time, we are now able to properly diagnose him with coach class sickness.

We didn’t talk about it because really what is there to say, but the flight home must have been hard.


18th of August


We had a long, busy day. It was all good. We are eating tomatoes now for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The photo reminds me that we need to eat more chard. Dear summer, please last forever.