middle of a week

We had a kitchen full of girls this afternoon, practicing piano, or their other instruments, eating snacks and then supper, working on math problems or drawing. The usual, but with three more kids. I was close by, at the stove or wandering through the crowd with my knitting.  After working on the same sweater for myself since last spring, I can’t tell you how nice it is to work with very thick wool on large needles. It’s like being given a paint sprayer after you’ve used a watercolor brush your whole life. Hello! In one busy day, the first sweater is a third done. I’m not amazing; the wool is just that thick.

a.m.                                                                                                   p.m.

Billy and I are working to dismantle an old building that had been hit by a tornado and then crushed in a heavy snow storm. It would have been an awful job to do in the spring mud and a pain in the summer heat and surely we would have stirred up wasp nests, but now the heat from the burn pile takes the chill out of the air. Still more to do as long as this beautiful weather holds out. The weather is worth mentioning. Today was perfect.

. . . . .

Lastly, have you seen the photos coming out of Oakland? Makes me very happy, and hopeful.