The Weathercock.

Monday, Pikeland

Dorothy Layng McEntee 1902-1977, woodcuts.

. . . . .

Also found (thanks to google), in The Colocphon , Vol 1 #2, she is listed as a contributor and there are these words: “Dorothy Mcentee started making woodcuts on maple planks six years ago.She has studied at Pratt Institute and Pennsylvania Academy.” 1930.

And this:* “One of the strongest groups of water colors in the exhibit is a series by Dorothy McEntee, of New York.

*If you have time, this link is quite a few pages of the newspaper from Reading, PA. in 1934 including Emily Post on being a woman and an article on the Beefsteak Uprising (pg 54).

One thought on “found

  1. I don’t know how I missed this post. Those woodcuts are so beautiful. I tried reading Emily Post’s article on being a woman–I was really interested being that I’m in the middle of HOW TO BE A WOMAN / Caitlin Moran; I was so disappointed that it got cut off in the middle.

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