On Friday, I took a class in Advanced Cheese Making at the annual NOFA- NY conference. I learned that I would like to go to France, that good cheese is very difficult to make, and therefore endlessly fascinating. After a coffee break I attended a class on brain tanning. IMG_1434Found.

On Saturday, I left the hotel  for a couple of hours and went for a  walk.

(Saratoga Springs)


 Also Found:

A bookstore I would have stepped in to except

for a note

Back in ten minutes.

And further along, an odd bear.

. . . . . .


Farmers’ Food.

We were very well fed.

. . . . .

On Sunday

After crepes  and coffee with Suzy.

This book!

(the Exclamation Mark is there for a reason)


. . . . .

At home.

My  view Monday morning.

IMG_1469-2I met great people, talked with them for hours, and came home full of ideas.

2 thoughts on “gorgeous nothings

  1. Anna! Did you get the Emily Dickinson book? I just googled it and read a little about it. What a wonderful title and what a wonderful thing.
    p.s. And that last photo––the view Monday morning at home.

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