It begins with rolling out of bed way too early. Kids wake up at five, excited, and have the decency to wait until seven to pull us out of bed. It might as well be five though and it is tradition that at that hour my dad takes lots of unflattering pictures of us.

(the girls look lovely, of course, as if they had been up for hours- oh yeah, they have)

a few cookbooks were gifted (this isn’t even all of them)

Activities of the day: eat, play board games, nap, repeat.

Billy does all of the barn work so the rest of us can stay in our pajamas as long as possible.

Tonight we will have roasted  leg of lamb and poach pears with pomegranate sauce for dessert, among other things. It has been a perfect day. Wish you all the best. Lots of love from Dutch Hill Farm.   oxoxoxo

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