Note to self: When you get such a bad cold that you need to lie down and rest between work and your kids come in after listening to you cough to ask if you are okay, do accept their offers to make tea, do relax and watch a little something on the laptop. Do not choose a documentary from on tuberculosis. frozen leaves

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  1. Ah, the wisdom of mothers. Feel better soon! It is freezing here, too, if that’s any consolation, but Naomi wants to go sledding. To sled or not to sled ? Might be the only day we can sled this winter.

      1. Would love to! Have to find a rink that’s open in March. We could also skate indoors (ugh, but it’s still skating.) Wait! One of our favorite places to skate, Canal Park, is open the first two weeks of March:

        And the ice rink on the Mall is open into March, too–comes with free museums.
        Let’s go! (Warning: I like to skate, but last about 90 minutes at best before I start thinking about hot chocolate.)

      2. Not sure my comment got posted–if so, you are not seeing double. YES, we’d love to skate in March and two of our favorite outdoor rinks are open for the first two weeks of March: Canal Park, DC’s newest rink, is in a figure-8 formation, in a developing part of town (near a circus training place–yes, we could take a trapeze lesson):

        And then there’s ice skating on the Mall–comes with free museums:

        Full disclosure: we like to skate, but after about an hour, we start to think about hot chocolate.

  2. I’m laughing. Did you really watch a show about tuberculosis? Oh my gosh. You need something humorous! And I’m sorry you don’t feel well. Have another cup of tea.

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