8 thoughts on “June

  1. Beautiful. Even more so because it’s almost the anniversary of that terrible accident–Every time Father’s Day approaches, I think of it. It was a few days after Father’s Day. Thinking of you all with gratitude for good health!

    1. Thanks Wendy, I needed to take pictures today after the news.

      from my cousin Davey:

      “Sharonda Coleman-Singleton
      Cynthia Hurd
      Tywanza Sanders
      Myra Thompson
      Ethel Lee Lance
      Daniel Simmons
      Clementa Pinckney

      These are the names that matter today. A track coach, a librarian, a barber, a senator, a sexton. Fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, wives, and husbands. I’m sorry that we failed you all.

  2. These photos warmed my heart and were just what I needed after the horror in South Carolina. You sure do have “the eye” dear Anna.

    1. Thanks MAS. Also thanks for the book and movie tips. There have been some v. good ones- most recently I watched Wild. I’m reading A God In Ruin, right now but The Good Lord Bird is next on the list. Here are two for you: On the Way to School (Netflix) and The Dinner by Herman Koch- those two couldn’t be more different.
      About South Carolina, just grief.

  3. I echo you on South Carolina. At least there will be more focus on symbols of hatred, and incitement to hatred, too (my office in Virginia is near Jefferson Davis Highway–what’s next, Osama bin Laden boulevard?) Anyway, a book recommendation for escapism, written by a friend of mine, Emily Cory Barker: A THinking Woman’s Guide to Magic.

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